Clyde NSW: Everything You Need To Know

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Clyde is located 21 km west of Sydney’s central business district, in the City of Parramatta’s local government area. Clyde NSW is located in the Greater Western Sydney region. Clyde is approximately thirty-to-forty minutes drive from Sydney City.

Clyde is named after the River Clyde, Scotland. This name was chosen because New Glasgow was the name given to a subdivision of land that was made in 1878.

Rosehill Junction was the name of the railway station which opened in this area in 1882. It is located just west of the Duck River bridge. It was a junction for the Western railway, the Carlingford railway and the Sandown railway lines. Clyde Junction was renamed by Edward Miller Grant Eddy, Commissioner of Railways. He settled on the name Clyde Junction in 1883. Clyde Junction was the name of the station in 1901, but it was renamed to Clyde on April 19, 1904.

Clyde is primarily an industrial and commercial area that includes factories, workshops, and warehouses. Clyde does not have a permanent population.

Clyde railway station was once a junction for the Western, Inner West & Leppington and Carlingford lines. This line was part of Sydney Trains network prior to the closing of the Carlingford in January 2020.

It is not a very desirable suburb, since the train station occupies a significant portion of the land.

Clyde is located next to Parramatta Road’s car yards and industrial areas. Every Carlingford train rider must use Clyde station for changing trains. Clyde also houses Australia Post’s distribution center. You will see many trucks from Australia passing through the area.

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