Parks in and near Putney, NSW

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Putney is a suburb in Northern Sydney. It is situated 10 km north of Sydney’s central business district, on the northern bank the Parramatta River. The City of Ryde is its local government area.

The area of Putney was once known as Eastern Farms, and later Kissing Point by British colonists. It was one of the colony’s first area of British settlement. James Squire, a brewer, was one of the first settlers in the suburb. He settled there in 1792. His brewery, the Malt Shovel, was established near Kissing Point.

Nicholas Bayley received the eastern portion of Putney as part of his land grant. Eugene Delange later purchased the land and subdivided it, naming it the Village of Eugenie.

Later, the name was changed to Putney, derived from Putney in London.

A punt service operated across the river from Mortlake Point to Putney Point. This service was operated by hand. The Mortlake Ferry was the name of the first cable ferry. It is the only remaining punt in Sydney’s metropolitan area.

Morrisons Bay is named for Archibald Morrison who was a soldier who received a 55-acre land grant. Captain William Raven, one of the colony’s most wealthy settlers, owned 100 acres which ran from Glades Bay through to Morrisons Bay. In 1887, the land was sub-divided. The Tennyson Estate, named after Lord Alfred Tennyson was advertised as offering front-row views of the Championship rowing course. Streets are named after two world champion rowers, Kemp Street and Beach Street. The Eastern side of Morrison’s Bay was once a textile mill. The Head of the bay is a reclaimed flat of mangroves and River Baths were created in 1918.

State Transit route 507 connects Putney with Meadowbank. The suburb’s Kissing Point ferry wharf provides easy access to Parramatta River ferry services. It offers a 40-minute ferry ride to Circular Quay.

Putney NSW has a primary school and post office. There are also parks, sporting fields, parks, shopping areas, and a few restaurants. Putney also houses St Chad’s Anglican Church on Delange Road. It was established in 1912 and is a historic landmark. It was named after St Chad of Mercia, a 7th-century abbott and bishop.

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