Reasons to live in West Ryde, NSW

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West Ryde, a suburb of Sydney is located 16 km north-west of Sydney’s central business district. It is in the City of Ryde local government area and is part of Northern Sydney.

The Ryde Pumping Station is a significant piece of infrastructure located in West Ryde. It was dismantled in 1892, when supply became available at a new station in West Ryde. The station was using steam turbines by 1908, which was a first for Australia and the Board. The current Ryde Pumping Station was constructed on the adjacent land. It opened its doors in September 1921. In 1930, the station was closed and its remaining plant was sold. The pump house was then used for storage. In 1961, the building was demolished. Ryde Pumping Station is now completely electrically powered and supplies water to many Northern Sydney areas. It is Australia’s largest water pumping station.

West Ryde is the home to a commercial zone, located near West Ryde’s railway station and the Sydney Water Station.

The West Ryde Marketplace is a small shopping center that features a Woolworths supermarket, specialty shops and West Ryde Public Library. The new center opened in 2005 and diverted many people away from the Top Ryde City Shopping Centre. With the opening of Coles Supermarket, further building developments are making West Ryde’s shopping area more bustling. Granny Smith Festival is a grand community event that takes place at the beginning of spring each year.

The Main Northern line runs through West Ryde. The station is connected to a bus interchange.

In West Ryde, the types of dwellings are shifting away from traditional single-household living to strata living. The 2016 census showed that 48% of private dwellings were units, flats or apartments. 41% were separate homes and 9% were semi detached (mostly townhouses).

A number of historic buildings can be found in West Ryde, including Addington which is the second oldest building still standing in Australia. It is a suburb of quarter-acre blocks displaying most of the archetypical Australian styles such as Federation houses, Californian Bungalows and Depression-era houses made of weatherboard or fibro with corrugated iron roofs. A substantial number of Askin-era red brick apartment blocks are also found on top of half-acre concrete expanses.

West Ryde used to be a working-class suburb that was home to many factories, particularly towards Meadowbank. The factories of the past are gradually being demolished and waterfront apartments are being built. These apartments offer views of Parramatta River and Sydney Olympic Park.

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